64HDD Overview

Have you ever wanted to give your old Commodore™ computers a hard drive, CD-ROM or access to the devices other modern computers have?

64HDD is software that lets you do just that, and much, much more. To get started you will need:

  • 64HDD software
  • an MSDOS PC; and
  • the readily available X-cable

Your PC will then be a hard drive system for your Commodore allowing you to LOAD, RUN and SAVE many of your favourite programs direct from the storage on your PC including games in D64 format and GEOS.

Three versions are available to suit your needs and budget:

  • basic freeware version
  • 64HDD freeware on a bootable CD-ROM
  • enhanced Professional version boasting features such as Graphical User Interface, Printing support, custom serial FastLoader and more extensive GEOS support
Whichever version you decide upon, 64HDD's emulation core is highly compatible and supports many titles without the need for patching.

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64HDD Speed-Up Cartridges - the easy way to reduce those LOADing times...
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 What is 64HDD?
 Serial bus and
 disk drive emulator

 PC Requirement
 MSDOS, 386+ CPU
 33MHz or faster

 C= Requirement
 C64, C128, C16/+4, VIC20

 X-Cable or Pwr/XE

 Quick Links:

64HDD Downloads - Version 0.7a8 released August, 2010.

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Download 3rd Party Utilities

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