64HDD CD-Edition

For those who have not been able to try 64HDD because their PC does not run DOS, there's now an easy way to get started....

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64HDD CD includes the current freeware version of 64HDD, on a bootable CDROM. With its GUI based CD-launcher and configuration tool you'll be up and running in no time. Also included on the CDROM is a bunch of other C64 stuff to keep you entertained for ages....

64HDD CD is a special distribution of 64HDD on a Bootable CDROM. What this means is you'll be able to slip the disk into most Intel or AMD type i386 compatible PCs* and when you power them up, 64HDD CD will boot, by-passing your normal operating system; whether that be Windows 2K/XP or Linux. The CDROM is designed to automatically configure the PC's memory to suit 64HDD's requirements, and present you with the CD-Launcher interface to get you using 64HDD quicker.

* requires your PC or BIOS to support and be configured to "boot from CDROM". PC needs to be at least Pentium class, with 32MB RAM, a CDROM and LPT port. Mouse optional.

More than a boot-disk...

    In addition to by-passing your current operating system, 64HDD CD also includes some special features for everyone:


    • Point and click setup tweaking, should the auto-config defaults happen to not work for you
    • Easy selection of configuration extras such as PwrLoad and LFN modes
    • Special GUI browser to make finding and starting that favourite game in your collection easier

    Game starter kit

    • C64GOLD collection featuring a collection of single file games, many of which can be PwrLoaded


    • Demo version of the 64HDD Professional GUI
    • 64HDD Articles to read, and video to watch
    • www.64HDD.com website archive (including all downloads)

Preview these documents for more info: 64HDD CD FAQ   |  64HDD CD User Manual (16kb, PDF)

64HDD CD Screenshots:

CD-Launcher: - Easy to use configuration tool for when "Auto" defaults need tweaking.
Graphical User Interface for browsing: - a new browse GUI will let you find that disk image or path.

Check the contents of disk images: - the browser GUI includes a viewer for standard disk images such as D64, D71, D81, etc

Order Your Copy:

To order your copy use the PayPal payment buttons below or email 64HDD with your name, postal address and preferred payment method. I accept PayPal, US or EURO Cash, or Direct Deposit (if in Australia).

Credit cards accepted via PayPal.
64HDD CD retails for US$14.95 including Bootable CD with tools, demos and utilities, and worldwide shipping.

64HDD CD and XE1541 retails for US$34.95 including all the above features, plus a 1m XE1541 cable to get you started if you don't already have the cable.

64HDD CD and Pwr/XE-Lite** retails for US$44.95 including all the above features, plus a 1m Pwr/XE-lite cable to get Pwr-Loading - why wait!.

** "lite" cable does not have the buttons of the full featured Pwr/XE cable.