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C64 C128 C16 Plus4 Vic 20 SuperCPU C65

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C1541 C1571 C1581 Datasette
SD2IEC 1541-III 1541-Ultimate

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XE1541 X1541 PwrLoad None yet

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LFN PwrLoader CD-Audio GEOS 1581Copy PSID64 Networking

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Play Games Programming SID Music GEOS

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How do I donate?

I've had a number of people ask me in the past if they could make a donation to support the freeware version of 64HDD and I never really thought seriously about it. As an experiment I've added a PayPal button below for those who would like to make a donation to support 64HDD. So, if you really like the software and feel its worth something to you and would like to make a donation to support 64HDD development then the PayPal link is below. Even a few dollars will help pay for the website and download costs.

Wie kann ich was spenden?

In der Vergangenheit hatte ich eine Reihe von Anfragen, wie man etwas Spenden könne, um die Freeware Version von 64HDD zu untersützen. Als ein Experiment habe ich den PayPal Button eingefügt für diejenigen die gerne etwas spenden möchten. Wenn Ihr also 64HDD gut findet und es Euch was Wert ist, und Ihr gerne 64HDD unterstützen möchtet, benutzt den Paypal Link untendrunter.

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