64HDD Features

64HDD supports an extensive range of both CBM DOS standard and non-standard functions. To help provide the user with an overview of the functions, not necessarily the syntax, a summary of these features is outlined below:

X-Cable Compatible

Connectivity and Compatibility:

  • Standard CBM serial mode support with no need to have special "drivers" loaded on the CBM computer
  • Both X1541 and XE1541 cables are supported
  • Serial FastLoader support that uses the standard X-Cable, no special driver or ROM needed for it to work simple LOAD (Professional Version Only)
  • Parallel cable support for high transfer rates, no special driver needed for it to work simple LOAD
  • Neither the serial or parallel modes interfere with the cartridge port, so you are free to use 64HDD in conjunction with an REU or cartridge
  • Compatible with the C64, C128, VIC20, C16 and Plus4 computers
  • Compatible with the SuperCPU
  • Useable with or without other real CBM disk drives and printers in the daisy chain
  • Useable with CBM "networking" boxes such as the Vic-Switch
  • 64HDD computer can be networked with other MS-Client machines using appropriate MS drivers
  • 64HDD computer can use any PC mass-storage device including USB and flash cards (with appropriate DOS drivers)
  • GEOS64 Compatible Driver
  • GEOS64 Kernal/driver available with freeware download.
  • GEOS FastSaver, Pwr-Loader and large 800kb disk support also available (Professional Version Only)
  • JiffyDOS tolerant and compatible with various disk and cartridge DOS wedge systems (turbo functions should generally be switched off)
  • Configurable to various drive numbers (and multiple drives simultaneously). Professional version users can have up to 8 devices active from #0 to #31
  • PC specification is minimal (386SX25 or higher), MSDOS (or equivalent). Professional version FastLoaders will benefit from having a faster PC, eg 486DX33 or P100, or better
  • Any storage device supported by DOS works with 64HDD including Floppy and Hard Disks, CD-ROMs, RAMDISKs, Zip drives etc. If it works in DOS, it will work with 64HDD
  • Graphical User Interface for configuration, device and partition / ShortCut management. The GUI also provides detailed run-time information. (Professional Version Only)

Disk Functions:

64HDD Main GUI
  • Support for standard image types such as T64, D64, D71, D81, D2M and LNX, and also raw PRG, SEQ, USR files
  • Support for standard archive types such as ZIP, P00/P01/S00/S01 and N64(Professional Version Only)
  • Support for native mode providing unlimited file sizes and structures stored directly to the MSDOS file system
  • Native mode files can support 16.3 character names without special headers (format is Win95 compatible)
  • Directory listing and filtering using wildcards
  • Extended directory information such as file count and block count can be requested (Professional Version Only)
  • Creating, Removing and Changing between directories
  • Assigning of "partitions" or short-cuts to disk images or directories
  • Re-assign easy to remember "common names" to the partition table short-cuts, eg. "My games" instead of "c:\64hdd\games\c64\favourites\disk1.d64" (Professional Version Only)
  • Changing between partitions and other management functions
  • File time and date stamping on MSD/LFN files as standard
  • File time and date stamping on D64, D71 and D81 disk images (Professional Version Only)
  • Block-Read Error handling to support many low-level disk copy protection schemes such as Error 20, 21, 23 and so on
  • Block read and write commands are supported for disk images
  • Special T18 and T&S error modes for providing Block-Read and Error emulation in the MSD/LFN file system (Professional Version Only)
  • Comparative loading times
  • Disk memory maps with support for M-R and M-W, with support for up to 16 buffers per drive. DOS ROMs are loaded according to the disk image attached to the device
  • "Disk-Flipping" for compatibility with applications spanning several disks
  • Commands to activate new devices "on-the-fly" after start-up
  • Supplied with a large selection of demonstration programs and utilities
  • Simple “ON” and “OFF” commands to control which device numbers respond and which will not (Professional Version Only)
  • Special CMD drive “compatibility mode” to improve operation with tools designed for CMD products (Professional Version Only)
  • Transfer of disks from / to D64 disk images (Professional Version Only)
  • Device Number Swapping (Professional Version Only)

Cross-Platform Functions:

  • Copying of files between MSDOS drives with a single command (great for transferring images or files from PC floppy to your file system
  • "On-the-Fly" ASCII translation between standard and PETASCII

External Functions:

  • Reading and writing of 1581 and FD2000 compatible disks on a 1.44Mb Floppy Disk Drive
  • Co-processing on the PC’s CPU possible (for example PKZIP, cross-compilers, etc can do the job in seconds compared to minutes)
  • PC Mouse support for CBM applications via the command channel
  • Control of CD-Audio Playback
  • Reading and setting of Real Time Clock /Calendar

Graphical User Interface Functions (Professional version only):

64HDD Professional is now available.
  • Various functions can be co-ordinated from the PC keyboard and mouse
  • 64HDD supports hot-keys for shelling to MSDOS, resetting 64HDD or the C64 (doesn’t work with all cables/CBM computer types), and for changing certain operational modes (toggle LFN and CMD modes)
  • 64HDD’s GUI provides details about the Track and Sector being accessed, the filename and path, progress during the data transfer and error information
  • 64GUI can be spawned from the 64HDD screen at the press of a key. 64GUI allows attachment of new files/paths to devices, the activation/deactivation of devices and maintenance of the partition and short-cut tables
  • 64CONFIG allows many of the steps needed as part of the installation and configuration to be automated, and it can make recommendations about changes needed to your MSDOS system files
  • FileManager built-in for copying, renaming, moving and deleting files, with "Favorites list"

Print Spooling and Emulation Functions (Professional version only):

  • Jobs to devices 4 and 5 can be spooled to the PrintSpooler
  • New commands to control jobs on the "PrintQueue"
  • 64GUI includes a PrintManager
  • "PrintEngines" allow conversion or redirection of print jobs (eg TXT, HTML)