64HDD-GEOS Interface

This page outlines how GEOS support has been integrated with 64HDD. Since Maurice at CMDRKEY released GEOS, you now have two options:

    1) You can download the 64HDD-GEOS disk images from the CMDRKEY website. These disks are pre-keyed and will give a basic GEOS setup with geoWrite and geoPaint; or

    2) if you own GEOS 2.0 software already you will need to key-in the 64HDD D64 before it will run. If you own other GEOS software (such as geoCalc, geoChart, geoPublisher) already then you need to follow the key-in process.

Basic GEOS64 support is available using the downloadable modules, but if you need better support then you will find it in 64HDD Professional. The 64HDD Professional package provides bigger disk sizes, faster disk access (including Pwr-Load support) and a higher compatibility Xtra Performance kernal; GEOS-XP.

GEOS128 support is exclusive to 64HDD Professional users.

64HDD-GEOS in operation:

64HDD-GEOS Disk: - This disk contains youíre the start-up kernels and some utilities. DeskTop needs to be added and the D64 keyed with your GEOS serial number before it will work as a boot disk image.
Key-in 64HDD: - This is the application that will perform the keying operation. You must have the D64 transferred to a real disk and run from there after booting the original and 64HDD.
Non-Keyed Error: - If your 64HDD-GEOS boot disk image has not been keyed you will get this error screen Ė pretty obvious.Try keying the disk image again.
Desk Top Error: - This will result if you successfully key your 64HDD boot disk, but you forgot to put desk-top on the D64 (you need to do this as it is not supplied).
64HDD Clock Driver: - This is an auto-exec that will run each time your 64HDD-GEOS boots to set the date and time automatically.
ShortCut Utility: - This is small application can be used to connect and run applications not on the currently attached D64 disk image.

Itís one of the ways of moving between your various D64s without physically swapping disks.
GEOS File Info: - view shows that information about GEOS can be provided when a disk image directory is requested with the =G option in BASIC.
GEOS128 Support: - exclusively available to 64HDD Professional Users, this version features the new Xtra Performance (XP) Kernal. GEOS128 users can take advantage of large 800k disk sizes and fast/PwrLoad disk access.