About "Me"

I live in Perth, Western Australia, though am fortunate enough to travel to other parts of the world from time to time as part of work. You never know where I might catch up with you in an airport lounge somewhere...

Please feel free to email me with corrections / suggestions. I will endeavour to help where I can with problems, but other priorities (work, life, children...) may mean that I cannot solve all issues. Please use the subject heading in your emails - I like getting Commodore mail :) Where possible, please send me a HTML link to things you would like me to download rather than an attachment.

I am interested in hearing about your Commodore related projects and also have information about many other projects which have existed in days gone by.

My History with the Commodore...
64HDD at the SWRAP Expo2001
64HDD and Me at the SWRAP 2001 Expo, Chicago

1984 I was given my first C64 (brown box version, with a datassette!)
1985/6 I wrote many programs (namely games) and experimented with machine language programming. I also wrote many utility programs including a wordprocessor which saved to Tape (but without a printer, there was not much reason to use it!)
1987/9 (the quiet years) University and work left me with little time for the C64
1990 Started writing DBDesign (a HI-RES draw program, with 2/3D CAD functions and component database)
1991 Expanded my programming efforts with an application suite (Write-rite II, Database, Sound Fx) DBDesign was growing in usefulness. I finally got a printer too (MPS1230).
1992 I used the C64 for my University courses, exporting models from DBDesign for FEA analysis on a Unix system
1993 By now I owned three C64 computers and even had a 1541!
1994/6 Moved my programming efforts to the PC world (please don't shoot me!), as I was very much into coding engineering applications. I still played games on the C64 (it had better graphics than my CGA PC)
1997 Returned to C64 after discovering that all was not dead thanks to the internet...
1998 My first C128! And quite a few other pieces of hardware which I "rescued" from the local recycling centre...
1999 Started in earnest on my new Commodore projects (many featured on this webpage)!
2000 Launched my C64 Projects webpage thanks to the publishing help of my wife Gillian ;)
2001 Big year of 64HDD software development as well as other interesting hardware projects. Was even lucky enough to be at the Chicago Expo on Sept8
2002 64HDD Professional is released!! This is were the bulk of my creative efforts went.
2003 64HDD continued on, and DriveGhost was born! I also got back into the hardware side again designing / building for the C64 (eg a 65816 processor, memory expansions), experimented a little with CPLDs.... I also made a 64-in-1 game cartidge for the C64 (a world first I'm told). Ended the year with a C64 Expo I arranged for Melbourne.
2004 64HDD continued on with several updates to Professional. Overall however, much of my focus was on development of hardware projects.
2005 A new range of 64HDD Speed-up cartridges was launched, whilst development on other projects trickled on.
2006 Project time was pretty limited this year with a lot of work travel and a busy schedule. Still managed to release and update to 64HDD Pro, and dabble in a bit of R-and-D for the future...
2007 Project time was even more limited this year. Still managed to dabble in a bit of R-and-D for the future...
2008 64JPX was my big idea for this year. Units started shipping in September.
2009 DriveGhost update released, and some background work in updating 64HDD future...
2010 10th aniversary releases for 64HDD...
2011 DriveGhost update...
2012 Second batch of 64JPX boards.
2013 Launched my retro themed KodeKLIX game creation software and PUP Hardware platform.
2014 Third batch of 64JPX boards... these just keep selling!

My "New" Project Room

Looks like you've found where my Commodores live!!!

During the 2000/2001 Christmas break we moved my Commodore gear into a new room, with dedicated cupboard space for storing all the systems and for having several monitors /systems set-up and ready to use.

Main 64HDD development stationCommodore Store...