Index to Commodore™ C64 Projects

This site details a number of Commodore 64 related projects I am currently developing. Some of these projects will also work with other CBM 8-bit machines, for example 64HDD. Most projects listed are uniquely mine, but some projects are enhancements to ideas /hardware hacks provided by other Commodore users. Feel free to download whatever interests you.

Hardware Projects

Emulator and Sofware Projects

64HDD - The CBM Drive Emulator. PC software that gives your Commodore a hard disk, CD-ROM and more features ...

64HDD - CBM Drive Emulator

Useful Tools for the PC

    CBMDISK - view disk image directories /errors

    CBMBASIC - list CBM BASIC files

    CBMCART - view CRT files and dump as ROMs

    IEC-CRO - view/capture serial port activity

    A64 Video Creator - A tool for converting AVI video to a new Commodore standard

    CBM-MODEL - design your own hardware add-ons using DigitalWorks

Links to other Commodore project websites