DTV64 Keyboard Console

The Direct-to-TV (DTV) 30-in-1 C64 was released in the lead-up to Christmas 2004. For many this was a chance to re-live some of their favourite games. For me, it was a chance to get my hands onto a "new generation" C64. The DTV's designer included many more features in the circuit that have been implemented in the joystick toy - 256colours, a DMA engine, PS/2 keyboard support are all included, as well as the ability to boot to BASIC and run most applications just like the real thing.

Within days of the release, DTV hacking sites spread on the web. Though I got my DTV in time for Christmas, I had to wait a little longer to get some extra units for hacking.

What I've set out to do in my second DTV project is create a C64 style computer something interchangable with the C64 setup I use everyday. I also wanted the unit to include the connectivity features that would be in a C64 if released today...

This item is not in the 64HDD Shop. Even though I chose a commercially available keyboard, I returned to the shop a few weeks later to get a stack more keyboards only to find that the place had gone out of business. How's that for a tale of woe...

The Keyboard Console DTV64:

The keyboard: - I wanted something modern, stylish, and yet with a footprint similar to the original computers. After searching for a while I found this mini-PS/2 keyboard with a smaller form factor than a full-AT keyboard, but yet had space for the hardware I needed to add. The keys can even be illuminated at the push of a button for when I'm programming in the dark.

Connectors for everything: - the rear of the keyboad console has all the connectors just like the original C64 and Amiga 500/600. The C64 power connector is on the righthand side, just like the original. Unfortunately there was not enough space on the side to put the joystick ports in the original location.
XE-Port and IEC Drive: - the build-in XE-port is where the user port would be, and the IEC serial drive port is right next door. The XE-Port eliminates the need for a separate XE1541 cable when connecting up to 64HDD. Built-in are drive-reset and disk-flip 64HDD function buttons. The big red button is the on/off power switch. The Master-Reset is under the keyboard so you cannot accidently press it.
A/V, Video and Joysticks: - down the other end are A/V video plugs for connecting to a TV/Monitor, the 5pin Commodore VIC20 style port allows use of an RF modulator if needed.

The badge off an original machine adds a nice touch!

Here's where the DTV is: - the DTV board itself is installed on the underside of the keyboard, with all connections passing through holes in the bottom of the unit.