IDE64 Case Installation

This page describes how to install and configure the IDE64 board into a custom case. Whilst exposed circuit boards look cool, I was a little worried about dropping something on the board and damaging it. Because I have a v3.4 with a CompactFlash card, no external power is required - I just had to use a case with an open back to allow removal of the CF card.

The case is available locally to me, if you want one send me an email to find out about pricing.

Build the system:

Inside the case: - clearance has to be made between the posts which hold the two halves together. Additionally where the C64 edge connector is the casing has to be modified slightly.

Mounting the board: - the IDE64 card does not come with any pre-drilled mounting holes making it very arkward to mount without modification. However, I found that the board could be secured using thick wire and tied around the main chip socket and screwed to the case.

Upgrades: - as there are various IDEDOS versions available, and if you are like me and need different versions available on the same device (for example C64 and SCPU), then it is very convenient to switch between the two using a banked EPROM (rather than having to re-flash everytime). Be aware: not all IDEDOS file systems are compatible!!!
Outside the case: - If you want, the case can be left bare - and it looks quite neat that way.

Stickers: - I decided however to dress the case with a custom designed sticker so I could easily identify what was in the case.

On the right, the reset and ROM select switches can be seen.