For too many years CMD drive users have been without a complete disk imaging solution. Sure, backup tools exist - but lets face it, how many 5¼" disk do you need to back up a 16MB partition? And how many partitions do you have? And how often do you actually get around to doing it...

Order your copy today. Version 1.10 is even faster...

  • Includes RL-Ghost, for dedicated RAM-Link users.
  • Use a Pwr/XE cable with 64HDD for the ultimate data-transfer speed-up.

  • DRIVEGHOST is the only disk imaging software for your CMD drives.


      DRIVEGHOST is a tool for "imaging" or "ghosting" the contents and structure of CMD drives. Drive ghosting is far more than a backup - it is a complete track and sector accurate method of copying data and ensuring that systems, not just files, can be restored at a later date. Programs, databases, GEOS, Wheels, anything and everything is captured!

      DRIVEGHOST images the contents and structure of your CMD HD, FD or RAMLINK to special files on a PC configured to run 64HDD. These image files can be kept on this PC or burnt to CDROM for a more permanent backup.

      DRIVEGHOST offers the flexibility of a complete backup/restore, user selected partitions, or the ability to import individual partitions to new drives or locations. It even lets you import D64 files downloaded from the internet or from archives onto you CMD drive.


    • Complete backup solution for CMD drive users - HD, FD or RAMLINK
    • Uses imaging so as to capture all disk data - not just the files
    • Simple, intuitive point and click user interface
    • Runs unsupervised once started
    • Works with freeware and Professional versions of 64HDD using the popular X1541 cable, high performance Pwr/XE, or use it in combination with the IDE64
    • Image files stored in PC format and can be transferred to CDROM
    • Image files (when renamed) can be manipulated using Dir Master for Windows
    • Ideal for:
      • Backups
      • Restoration
      • Drive mechanism upgrades
      • Data exchange
      • Installing D64 files
      • Shuffling partitions around
      • and more...
    • Version 1.10 includes:
      • Standard serial mode
      • Fast-Serial restore mode
      • PwrLoad cable support for the fastest backup/restore
      • IDE64 file system mode to backup/restore your CMD system
      • Two versions: DRVGHOST for all CMD devices, RL-GHOST for even faster RAM-Link performance (uses the direct access registers)
      • C128 users can take advantage of the CPU’s 2MHz capability


      DRIVEGHOST is a unique backup tool available to the Commodore 64 user. It’s powerful, yet easy to use. A graphical user interface allows easy selection of 64HDD and CMD drives, tagging of partitions to backup or restore, and navigation of your 64HDD archives.

      DRIVEGHOST will work with 64HDD core version v0.7b5 (or better) - freeware or Professional versions. 64HDD is a MSDOS PC based emulation program that allows 8-bit Commodore computers to access the power of PC drives via the popular X1541 compatible cable. To find out more about 64HDD, refer to the separate user manual or the website. A copy of the current freeware version of 64HDD is included with your distribution of DRIVEGHOST.

      Of course there is no need for 64HDD if you intend to use DRIVEGHOST with your IDE64.

    Preview this document for more info: DRIVEGHOST User Manual (300kb, PDF)   |  Download demo (12kb, PRG, no actual BACKUP or RESTORE done)

    DRIVEGHOST was also reviewed in Commodore Scene 45 back in 2004. Have a read of it here (140kb, PDF). Note: newer versions of the software are much faster.

    Order Your Copy:

    DRIVEGHOST retails for US$24.95 including Bootable Software Disk, 64HDD (latest freeware) and booklet. Price includes world-wide postage, and free upgrades for the life of v1.xx.

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    DRIVEGHOST64 e-Soft Version (US$19.95 emailed, no disk or booklet)
    DRIVEGHOST64 (US$24.95 including postage)
    DRIVEGHOST64 and XE1541 cable (US$44.95 including postage)
    DRIVEGHOST64 and Pwr/XE-Lite cable (US$54.95 including postage)