64HDD Shop
Services :
EPROM supply and burning: - pricing varies according to EPROM type and number required. Typically you supply the binary image, unless its for one of my projects.

Price: US$10ea 27256 type

incl. postage

Transfer from 1541 Floppies: - A great way to back up your data without investing in the cables and Commodore hardware. You post the disks to me and I will transfer them to D64 providing they can be read into that format. If you want the disks back or a CDROM posted to you, you'll need to include return postage costs.

Price: US$2 per side

plus return postage if required

Transfer from D64 to real 1541 disk: - If you need to restore your data to a 5.25" disk then I can write a D64 image back to a disk. Disks will be clean, verified, but recycled (its getting pretty hard to find new disks these days). Disks can be notched to write two images to the one disk.

Price: US$5 per disk

plus postage as required